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A Prayer for Our Wounded Warriors
Dear God in Heaven above
I reach out to you this night
For my family that needs to feel your love
They need your help to stand up and fight
It is my brothers and sisters you see
Some were severely wounded during the war
They got hurt real bad physically and mentally
And need your strength now for all they must endure
The night will bring demons to their door
Their days will be long and painful too
Some of them Lord, they just can’t take no more
All the surgeries and therapy can really make them blue
But I was sure that you could help them see
Beyond these present days and nights of hell
That currently consume them constantly
And leave them without the strength to even yell
It’s hard for them to believe, that others can know their pain
And truly want to help them, in any way they can
To get thru the darkness, that surrounds them all in vain
Just to thank them for protecting our freedoms in this land
Reach out to them Lord and ease their pain
Give them the strength to understand
That it will not "forever rain"
And let them know it is okay, to accept a helping hand
For this I humbly ask thee Lord, in your son’s holy name
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